Yulong Li Wins Prestigious Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship for 2015-2016

Yulong has been awarded the highly competitive interdisciplinary fellowship by the University of Minnesota for his work on the creation of an ultra-small radiation dosimeter for cancer therapy using fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FDSOI) technology. Because of its structure, conventional dosimeter uses the same element for radiation sensing (write) and data extraction (read), which makes it difficult to achieve both high scalability and sensitivity. FDSOI uses different elements and has the advantage of separating “read” and “write” as a dosimeter, thereby achieving high scalability and sensitivity simultaneously. The FDSOI dosimeter will be suitable for superficial dosimetry and can also be implanted directly into the patient. It will employ passive wireless sensing which could improve the application of in vivo radiation dose verification and ultimately benefit patient treatment outcomes. Yulong is working under the guidance of Prof. Steven Koester.