PhDs awarded

Doctoral degrees awarded from June 2014 to May 2015

Mohamed Khaled Ibrahim Almekkawy, Optimization of Focused Ultrasound and Image Based Modeling, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini

Mahdi Bayat, Non-invasive In Vivo Ultrasound Temperature Estimation, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini

Nasim Yahyasoltani, Dynamic Learning and Resource Management under Uncertainties, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Georgios Giannakis

Yu Chen, High Quality Silicon Photonic Devices Based on Heterogenous Integration Method, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mo Li

Chia-Lin Hu, A Low Power Biosensor for Medical Applications, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Ted Higman

Cheol Hong Min, Detection of Behavioral Markers Using Wearable Wireless Sensors, Aug. 2014. Advisors: Prof: Mostafa Kaveh, and Prof. Lucy Dunne

Sohini Roy Chowdhury, Automated Segmentation and Pathology Detection in Ophthalmic Images, Aug. 2014. Advisors: Prof. Keshab Parhi, and Prof. Dara Koozekanani

Yao Wang, System Study of Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording System, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Randall Victora

Haibao Zhao, Magnetic Thin Films with High Perpendicular Anisotropy, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Jianping Wang

Pin-Wei Huang, Micromagnetic Study of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Sept. 2014. Advior: Prof. Randall Victora

Binh K. Lieu, Dynamics and Control of Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluids, Sept 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mihailo Jovanovic

Shihai He, Synthesis of Hard Magnetic Nanoparticles for Applications in Permanent Magnets, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Jianping Wang

Lian Huai, Low Complexity MIMO Detection Algorithms and Implementations, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Gerald Sobelman

Bongjin Kim, Digital Intensive Circuit Design Techniques for Enhancing Performance, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Chris Kim

David Orser, Grid Fault Ride-through in Matrix Converters for Adjustable Speed Drives, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Ned Mohan

Amogh Rajanna, Error Correction and Opportunisic Scheduling Protocols in Random Wireless Networks, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mostafa Kaveh

Casey Edward Murray, Reconfigurable Passive RF Circuits Leveraging Integrated Fluidic Structures, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Rhonda Franklin

Ayan Paul, Circuit Design and Modeling Techniques of On-chip Power, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Chris Kim

Maziar Sanjabi Boroujeni, Resource Management in Wireless Heterogenous Networks, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Huan Li, Multifunctional Optomechanical Dynamics in Integrated Silicon Photonics, Feb. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Mo Li

Mona A. Ebrish, Graphene Quantum Capacitance Varactors, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Steven Koester

Subhrajit Roychowdhury, Breaking Perceived Limits of Performance for Nanoscale Interrogation and Transport Systems, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Murti Salapaka

Ravishankar Sivalingam, Sparse Models for Positive Definite Matrices, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos

Eliot Lewis Estrine, Development and Characterization of Magnetostrictive GaFe, April 2015. Advisor: Prof. Bethanie Stadler

Balasubramanian Gopalakrishnan, High Performance Adaptive Beamforming for Wireless Networks, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Nikolaos Sidiropoulos

Gregory Ingersoll, Multiplexed Volume Bragg Gratings in Narrow and Broadband Spectral Systems: Analysis and Application, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. James Leger

Forrest Johnson, Sputtered Metal Oxide Broken Gap Junctions for Tandem Solar Cells, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Campbell

Yuanpeng Li, Magnetic Biosensing System, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Jianping, Wang

Feilong Liu, Model Development for Organic Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Paul Ruden

Morteza Mardani, Leveraging Sparsity and Low rank for Large Scale Networks and Data, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Georgios Giannakis

Sravan Kumar Marella, Performance Variations Due to Layout Dependent Stress in VLSI Circuits, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Sachin Sapatnekar

Akshay Soni, Structured and Sparse Signal Estimation—Fundamental Limits and Error, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Jarvis Haupt

Ruoyu Sun, Matrix Completion via Nonconvex Factorization: Algorithms and Theory, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Hung-Wei Tseng, A Combined Statisical and Machine Learning Approach for Single Channel Speech Enhancement, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Fei Zheng, A Two Dimensional Speckle Tracking Method Based on Zero Phase Crossing with Riesz Transform, May 2015. Advisors: Prof. Emad Ebbini, and Prof. Anand Gopinath

ECE Patents

The following is a list of patents granted to ECE faculty over the last 3 full calendar years and includes the year 2015 to date. The names of fellow inventors have also been included.

Filing – Patent Issued Number Filing – Innovator – Full Name Filing – Title
8,090,142 Ahmed H Tewfik
Mitchell D Swanson
Embedding Data in and Detecting Embedded Data from Video Objects
8,089,522 Jaehyuk Choi
Euisik Yoon
Spatial-temporal Multi-resolution Image Sensor with Adaptive Frame Rates for Tracking Movement in a Region of Interest
8,098,707 Mi K Oh
Byung-Hoo Jung
Ultra Wideband Receiver
8,098,637 Ahmed H Tewfik Using Delay Costs to Load Balance Nodes Across Access Points in Wireless Local Area Networks
8,098,707 Ramesh Harjani Ultra Wideband Receiver
8,108,759 Jaekyun Moon
Jihoon Park
Error Detection and Correction Using Error Pattern Correcting Codes
8,111,770 Jaekyun Moon High-bandwidth Over-the-Air Signal Processing
8,128,856 Stephen Y Chou Release Surfaces, Particularly for Use in Nanoimprint Lithography
8,131,007 Bin Zhu
Ahmed H Tewfik
Mitchell D Swanson
Watermarking Using Multiple Watermarks and Keys, including Keys Dependent on the Host Signal
8,134,864 Xi Chen
Randall H Victora
Exchange-assisted Spin Transfer Torque Switching
8,149,961 Ebrahim Saberinia
Ahmed H Tewfik
Ranging in Multi-band Communication Systems
8,155,375 Ahmed H Tewfik
Bin Zhu
Mitchell D Swanson
Video Watermarking Using Temporal Analysis
8,169,179 Krushna K Mohapatra
Ned Mohan
Open-ended Control Circuit for Electrical Apparatus
8,366,905 Euisik Yoon
Seong-Jin Kim
Apparatus Having Reduced Noise and Method of Using the Apparatus for Detecting Ionic Materials
8,446,743 Gysler F. Castelino
Kaushik Basu
Nathan D. Weise
Ned Mohan
Ranjan K. Gupta
Krushna K Mohapatra
Soft Switching Power Electronic Transformer
8,588,317 Georgios B Giannakis
Xiaoli Ma
Estimating Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems
8,604,572 Md Tofizur Rahman
Jian-Ping Wang
Magnetic Tunnel Junction Device
8,619,168 Jaehyuk Choi
Euisik Yoon
Image Sensor with High Dynamic Range Imaging and Integrated Motion Detection
8,629,398 Anand S Gawarikar
Ryan P Shea
Joseph J Talghader
Detection Beyond the Standard Radiation Noise Limit Using Spectrally Selective Absorption
8,634,233 Jian-Ping Wang
Shruti R Patil
Xiaofeng Yao
Jonathan D Harms
David J Lilja
Systems and Methods for Direct Communication Between Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
8,704,179 Joseph J Talghader Detection Beyond the Standard Radiation Noise Limit Using Reduced Emissivity and Optical Cavity Coupling
8,718,185 Xiaoli Ma
Georgios B Giannakis
Estimating Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in Mimo OFDM Systems
8,728,380 Stephen Y Chou Lithographic Method for Forming a Pattern
8,774,309 Xiaoli Ma
Georgios B Giannakis
Estimating Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems
8,787,962 Ahmed H Tewfik Transmit Opportunity Detection
8,802,965 Nathan C Lindquist
Sang-Hyun Oh
Plasmonic Nanocavity Devices and Methods for Enhanced Efficiency in Organic Photovoltaic Cells
RE45,230 Yan Xin
Zhengdao Wang
Georgios B Giannakis
Wireless Communication System Having Linear Encoder
8,948,562 Sang-Hyun Oh
Nathan C Lindquist
Replication of Patterned Thin-film Structures for Use in Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Eric Severson

Eric Severson received the award for best paper of the session at the 2015 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Charlotte, NC. His paper is titled “Practical Implementation of Dual Purpose No Voltage Drives for Bearingless Motors”. (Prof. Ned Mohan, advisor)

Meisam Razaviyayn

ECE alumnus Meisam Razaviyayn (Ph.D. ‘14) was selected for the 2014 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award for his “On the Degrees of Freedom Achievable Through Interference Alignment in a MIMO Interference Channel”. Co-authors were Gennady Lyubeznik and ECE Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo who was also Meisam’s advisor.

Varsha Padhee

Varsha Padhee received the 2015 Thomas F. Ellerbe Scholarship. The award recognizes creativity in scientific thinking and research that can have a positive impact on the sustainability of the built environment. The scholarship is funded by the Minnesota Architectural Foundation (Prof. Ned Mohan, advisor).

Chao Liu

Chao Liu (far left) was awarded the Best Poster award at the Materials Research Society (MRS) 2015 Spring Meeting. Chao’s was one of four posters that had been selected out of 728 posters presented at the meeting. (Prof. Jeong-Hyun Cho, advisor).

Boeing Scholarships for Katherine Wilson and Adeola Isola

Katherine Wilson’s interests in space and public health were cultivated through opportunities with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Minnesota Department of Health, and Dr. Douglas Fantz’s lab (Agnes Scott College). After earning a bachelor’s degree from Agnes Scott College, she came to the University of Minnesota to pursue her interest in electrical engineering and human spaceflight. Through coursework, participation in the University’s CanSat team, and other science outreach opportunities, Katherine is gaining experience with design reviews, troubleshooting, working with team members to integrate systems across multiple disciplines, and mentoring future students in STEM. She plans to apply her B.E.E. degree to advance space technology. With the help of the Boeing scholarship, Katherine hopes to make the most of the opportunities at the University.
Adeola Isola moved to Minnesota from Lagos, Nigeria four years ago. She started her journey towards an engineering degree at the Anoka Ramsey Community College, and having earned her associate’s degree there, transferred to the University of Minnesota to earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. She says, “Having electricity is a privilege back home [in Nigeria], so this has been one of my greatest motivations. I want to find the most efficient and best way to help the power systems back home.” Recently, Adeola was appointed secretary of the Women in Engineering (WIE) student group. She hopes to create a project that WIE could assemble and exhibit in middle and high schools to demonstrate to female students how much women can contribute to engineering, and to encourage them to consider a career in engineering. Her future goal is to find “better ways to get electricity to as [many] people as needed in Nigeria so having electricity can become more of a lifestyle [and] not a privilege.”

ECE faculty receive three NSF Early Career Development awards

Congratulations to Prof. Arya Mazumdar (far left), Prof. Sairaj Dhople (center), and Prof. Jeong-Hyun Cho (near left) for being awarded the Faculty Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation. NSF grants this select award to junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of the University of Minnesota.

New staff announcements

Frances Wood joined the staff in spring 2015 as an academic advisor. She has previously worked as a career and higher education advisor at Westminster Kingsway College in London, UK following a career change from working in research science. She has a postgraduate diploma in career guidance from Nottingham Trent University, UK, and a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Bath, UK.

John Van Proyen joined the IT team in spring 2015 as an end user support staff. He has previously worked with various IT teams at the University, and at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (in the College of Engineering), from where he also graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012.