The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering consistently ranks among the top 20 of all electrical and computer engineering programs in the country. Our faculty engage in research that is spearheading developments in technology that impact our world and the lives we lead. There are 7 key areas of research in ECE: biomedical and biological computational methods, devices, and systems; communications, signal processing, and networking; computer engineering, VLSI, and circuits; sustainable energy systems, power electronics, and drives; fields, photonics, and magnetic recording technology; micro and nano structures; systems and control.

The interdisciplinary nature of these areas encourages our faculty and students to collaborate across subjects and departments in ways that are significant and meaningful to solving problems that affect our lives and the world around us. Such research and design experience also benefits our students as they learn about the intertwined nature of research and problem solving that promotes advancements at the scientific, and technological levels.

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