Prof. Yahya Tousi and Co-authors Win the IEEE JSSC Best Paper Award

Prof. Yahya Tousi and co-authors were recipients of IEEE’s Journal of Solid State Circuits (JSSC) best paper award. The award winning paper is titled “A 28-GHz 32-element TRX phased-array IC with concurrent dual-polarized operation and orthogonal phase and gain control for 5G communications. An eminent publication in the field of integrated circuits and systems, JSSC  presents the award to the best paper among all those published in the journal during the previous year.

The paper documents a significant development, presenting the first reported 28-GHz phased-array IC for 5G communications. The next generation mobile technology is poised to deliver significant improvements in mobile experience such as higher data rates, and lower latency. Phased arrays at millimeter-wave frequencies can establish high bandwidth directional links between the base station and the mobile device, which can, in turn, support multiple users with high data rates.

These millimeter-wave transceivers are expected to bring orders of magnitude improvements in wireless data rates and latency. In such a system, the front-end performance is crucial due to its drastically higher frequency of operation compared to previous generations of wireless systems. The work documented in the award winning paper presents the first fully integrated phased array transceiver with dual polarized concurrent transmission and sub-degree accuracy beam steering enabling deployment in 5G base stations.

This research was conducted by Prof. Tousi in collaboration with IBM and he led the design of the mm-wave front-end.