Prof. Tony Low on List of Highly Cited Researchers released by Web of Science Group

Prof. Tony Low has been included in the 2019 global list of Highly Cited Researchers, compiled by the Web of Science Group. According to the Group, the compilation “identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers, during the last decade.” The Methodology section on the Group’s web site offers details on the selection criteria, and what inclusion on the list means for researchers. Professors Christopher Cramer (University of Minnesota Vice President for Research) and Donald Truhlar (Regents Professor) from the Department of Chemistry have also been recognized in the list.

Tony leads a research group in ECE that works on expanding the understanding and design of nanomaterials and nanodevices. In recent years they have focused on the class of two-dimensional crystals and their heterostructures, topological and magnetic materials. Tony’s team has revealed their basic electronic and optical properties, and their opportunities for novel electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics, nanophotonics and plasmonics. Currently, Tony is leading two multi-university teams; a $1.7 million NSF grant to explore 2D heterostructures that demonstrate perfect light absorption and giant piezoelectricity, and a $2 million NSF grant to explore topological photonic effects in 2D materials.

Tony is the recipient of several awards that recognize his work and its far-reaching impact. These include: the University’s McKnight Presidential Fellowship (2019), IBM Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award (2014), IBM Invention Award (2013), KITP Rice Family Fund Fellowship (2012), Singapore Millennium Fellowship (2007), and the IEEE Electron Device Society Fellowship (2005).

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