Regents Professor Ned Mohan Receives 2019 IEEE IAS Outstanding Educator Award

Regents Professor Ned Mohan (NAE) is the recipient of IEEE’s 2019 IAS Outstanding Educator award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to education and mentorship of students and young engineers within the fields of interest of the IEEE Industry Applications Society. 

The criteria for the award include development of educational materials, teaching and mentorship activities of students and young professionals, innovations in teaching and mentoring, awards and recognition for the same, and content development for the IAS resource center.

Ned’s contributions speak volumes about how well he deserves the award. What follows is a very brief roundup of his work till date. He has authored five books, widely used as textbooks in the power curriculum, which have been translated into 9 languages. He has also developed semester-long online courses for teaching, that are freely accessible at the CUSP web site

He has also developed several hardware laboratories that have been acquired by more than a 100 universities across the United States, besides institutions outside the country, and agencies such as NASA.

With funding from the Office of Naval Research, Ned has developed a controller that his postdoctoral associate Dr. Siddharth Raju has successfully licensed for a startup (, with the University of Minnesota holding a ten-percent equity stake in this company.

Ned has mentored undergraduate students (NSF-Research Experience for Undergraduates) and two high school teachers (NSF-Research Experience for Teachers). One of the students (from the University of Puerto Rico) returned as a doctoral student, graduating with a PhD in 2017. Most recently, Ned has developed a freshman course EE 1701 “Climate Crisis: Implementing Solutions” that is currently also being taught in high schools under the dual-credit, concurrent-enrollment program. Ned has graduated nearly 150 master’s students, and 46 PhDs. Currently, his research group comprises 8 doctoral students and 3 postdoctoral associates.

Ned has facilitated over 30 workshops for faculty (sponsored by the NSF, NAE, and other agencies) in the United States. He is the recipient of several awards and honors over the years including being elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2014, named Regents Professor (at the University of Minnesota) in 2019, and numerous IEEE awards. ECE is proud of Ned’s contributions and achievements, and the 2019 Outstanding Educator Award is an honor that he richly deserves!