Prof. Ned Mohan and Dr. Siddharth Raju Author Textbook on Electric Drives

Regents Professor Ned Mohan (NAE) and Dr. Siddharth Raju are the authors of Analysis and Control of Electric Drives: Simulations and Laboratory Implementations. Designed as a textbook for both undergraduate and graduate students, and published by Wiley (September 2020), the book offers a comprehensive understanding of electric drives and their applications in electric vehicles and wind turbines. It begins with a basic overview of information required to understand electric drives, and an examination of DC and AC machines in steady state using a physics-based approach. The book also includes information on electric machines with Interior Permanent Magnets. The content layout and features, and topics covered make the book an essential guide to understanding electric vehicles, wind turbines, and increased efficiency of motor-driven systems.

Regents Professor Ned Mohan is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering,  Oscar A. Schott Professor of Power Electronic Systems, and Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Ned specializes in energy systems and power electronics, and his work is an embodiment of the University’s key missions: research and education. He carries out these entwined missions with his eyes set on the future, while being keenly aware of the simultaneous need for access, equality, and social justice. He has worked tirelessly to introduce innovations in both areas, power engineering education, and research. 

Ned is the founder of CUSP (Consortium of Universities for Sustainable Power), an organization comprising 450 faculty from 235 universities in the United States. He has authored five widely used textbooks on power systems and power electronics that have been translated into nine languages and implemented as standard texts in universities in the United States. All textbooks are published by Wiley. 

Dr. Siddharth Raju earned his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2017 for his work on multi-level matrix converters. His research interests include real-time embedded controls, electric drives controls, power electronics numerical modelling, and AC-AC power converter design. Siddharth is deeply motivated by the need to make education more accessible, and recognizes the need to replace modelling software that are limiting because of the costs associated with them.

Dr. Siddharth Raju and Prof. Ned Mohan have been working to create a free-of-cost modelling and real-time control platform through grants from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Working on their goal to increase accessibility of lab resources, Siddharth and his colleagues established Sciamble Corp. in November 2018, based on the license obtained from the University of Minnesota for research conducted towards his master’s and doctoral degrees. The startup builds the lab kits developed in Ned’s lab, and makes them commercially available at low costs. Over the next few years, Siddharth hopes to further diversify the products offered by Sciamble Corp., and reach a broader audience. Currently, the team are working on a project that will offer users remote lab capability.

Commenting on Analysis and Control of Electric Drives, Siddharth points to its unique feature: “It starts from the very basic physics required, followed by the theory of AC/DC motor operation and basic controls for the undergraduate user, and ends with advanced controls of AC motors for the graduate user.”

The book also includes detailed simulation models in MATLAB Simulink as well as the Sciamble Workbench. Eventually, the combination of the simulation models, the workbench, and remote lab capability could allow anyone using the book instant access to try the concepts learnt using both simulation and an actual piece of hardware.