Prof. Murti Salapaka Receives NSF Cyberphysical Systems Grant

ECE faculty Prof. Murti Salapaka is the lead PI on a cyberphysical systems grant awarded by the NSF. In a cross-disciplinary endeavor, the proposed research seeks to understand successful and robust transportation in biological cells and leverage this knowledge to realize an effective transport mechanism at the micro scale. Successful realization of a robust transportation infrastructure that is effective even in a highly uncertain environment can have a transformative impact on several diverse areas such as medicine, drug development, electronics, and bio-materials. The research will be conducted in collaboration with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with the University of Minnesota as the lead institution receiving $638,000 (of the total grant award of $900,435). ECE faculty Prof. Tryphon Georgiou is a co-PI in this research undertaking.