Prof. Mo Li Receives IEM Faculty Development Award

The University of Minnesota Institute for Engineering in Medicine has awarded an IEM Faculty Career Development Award to Prof. Mo Li. The award honors the accomplishments of junior faculty and supports their research initiatives by providing $30,000 over 3 years. The award ceremony will be on September 26, 2016.

Li is currently conducting research on developing a wearable spectroscopic sensing system for physiological monitoring. The use of infrared optical spectroscopy promises greater accuracy and sensitivity in its detection of complex biological samples such as blood plasma. The goal is to move optical spectroscopy to a wearable platform, away from the conventional laboratory based analysis. For the current program, Li has targeted continuous glucose monitoring as an application for development. The goal is to develop an epidermal sensor that is minimally invasive and therefore ideal for long term monitoring of blood glucose levels.

The proposed IEM project harnesses Li’s expertise in flexible photonics, nanofabrication, and infrared spectroscopy to develop applications in chemical and biomedical sensing, medical diagnostics, and neuroscience.

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