PhDs awarded

Doctoral degrees awarded from June 2014 to May 2015

Mohamed Khaled Ibrahim Almekkawy, Optimization of Focused Ultrasound and Image Based Modeling, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini

Mahdi Bayat, Non-invasive In Vivo Ultrasound Temperature Estimation, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini

Nasim Yahyasoltani, Dynamic Learning and Resource Management under Uncertainties, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Georgios Giannakis

Yu Chen, High Quality Silicon Photonic Devices Based on Heterogenous Integration Method, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mo Li

Chia-Lin Hu, A Low Power Biosensor for Medical Applications, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Ted Higman

Cheol Hong Min, Detection of Behavioral Markers Using Wearable Wireless Sensors, Aug. 2014. Advisors: Prof: Mostafa Kaveh, and Prof. Lucy Dunne

Sohini Roy Chowdhury, Automated Segmentation and Pathology Detection in Ophthalmic Images, Aug. 2014. Advisors: Prof. Keshab Parhi, and Prof. Dara Koozekanani

Yao Wang, System Study of Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording System, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Randall Victora

Haibao Zhao, Magnetic Thin Films with High Perpendicular Anisotropy, Aug. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Jianping Wang

Pin-Wei Huang, Micromagnetic Study of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Sept. 2014. Advior: Prof. Randall Victora

Binh K. Lieu, Dynamics and Control of Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluids, Sept 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mihailo Jovanovic

Shihai He, Synthesis of Hard Magnetic Nanoparticles for Applications in Permanent Magnets, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Jianping Wang

Lian Huai, Low Complexity MIMO Detection Algorithms and Implementations, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Gerald Sobelman

Bongjin Kim, Digital Intensive Circuit Design Techniques for Enhancing Performance, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Chris Kim

David Orser, Grid Fault Ride-through in Matrix Converters for Adjustable Speed Drives, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Ned Mohan

Amogh Rajanna, Error Correction and Opportunisic Scheduling Protocols in Random Wireless Networks, Dec. 2014. Advisor: Prof. Mostafa Kaveh

Casey Edward Murray, Reconfigurable Passive RF Circuits Leveraging Integrated Fluidic Structures, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Rhonda Franklin

Ayan Paul, Circuit Design and Modeling Techniques of On-chip Power, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Chris Kim

Maziar Sanjabi Boroujeni, Resource Management in Wireless Heterogenous Networks, Jan. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Huan Li, Multifunctional Optomechanical Dynamics in Integrated Silicon Photonics, Feb. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Mo Li

Mona A. Ebrish, Graphene Quantum Capacitance Varactors, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Steven Koester

Subhrajit Roychowdhury, Breaking Perceived Limits of Performance for Nanoscale Interrogation and Transport Systems, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Murti Salapaka

Ravishankar Sivalingam, Sparse Models for Positive Definite Matrices, Mar. 2015. Advisor: Prof. Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos

Eliot Lewis Estrine, Development and Characterization of Magnetostrictive GaFe, April 2015. Advisor: Prof. Bethanie Stadler

Balasubramanian Gopalakrishnan, High Performance Adaptive Beamforming for Wireless Networks, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Nikolaos Sidiropoulos

Gregory Ingersoll, Multiplexed Volume Bragg Gratings in Narrow and Broadband Spectral Systems: Analysis and Application, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. James Leger

Forrest Johnson, Sputtered Metal Oxide Broken Gap Junctions for Tandem Solar Cells, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Campbell

Yuanpeng Li, Magnetic Biosensing System, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Jianping, Wang

Feilong Liu, Model Development for Organic Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Paul Ruden

Morteza Mardani, Leveraging Sparsity and Low rank for Large Scale Networks and Data, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Georgios Giannakis

Sravan Kumar Marella, Performance Variations Due to Layout Dependent Stress in VLSI Circuits, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Sachin Sapatnekar

Akshay Soni, Structured and Sparse Signal Estimation—Fundamental Limits and Error, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Jarvis Haupt

Ruoyu Sun, Matrix Completion via Nonconvex Factorization: Algorithms and Theory, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Hung-Wei Tseng, A Combined Statisical and Machine Learning Approach for Single Channel Speech Enhancement, May 2015. Advisor: Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo

Fei Zheng, A Two Dimensional Speckle Tracking Method Based on Zero Phase Crossing with Riesz Transform, May 2015. Advisors: Prof. Emad Ebbini, and Prof. Anand Gopinath