Graph Curvature for Differentiating Cancer Networks

Prof. Tryphon Georgiou in a paper led and co-authored by Prof. Allen Tannenbaum and other researchers and faculty from Stony Brook University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, demonstrates that a certain geometric feature of protein networks can be used to identify cancer cells. The paper published in the Nature research journal Scientific Reports, addresses a key challenge in cancer therapy, to explain and quantify the apparent robustness of cancer cells. Advances on this front may significantly impact targeted treatment of cancer cell networks. The paper titled “Graph Curvature for Differentiating Cancer Networks” reveals the role of curvature as a cancer network characteristic, and its relationship to robustness as a functionality of the network. While the paper is focused on cancer cells, it points to the use of the analytical approach to the study of complex cellular networks to understand phenomena in molecular biology.