ECE’s IEEE-HKN Chapter Wins Outstanding Chapter Award

At the beginning of the year, HKN received the 2015-2016 IEEE-HKN Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) conferred by the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors. The awards are based on the annual reports submitted by chapters, with successful reports presenting individual chapter activities, including multiple instances and perspectives of their work, all of which together highlight their accomplishments. Particular attention is paid by the evaluating committee to activities that support professional development, creativity, and scholarship, activities that further academic standards, engagement in public service, and actions that further the goals of the honor society. Of the approximately 200 participating chapters, 21 were recipients of the OCA, including the University’s IEEE-HKN chapter.

For our student members and officers, the award is a recognition of their accomplishments: significant increase in membership; a manifest increase in the number of engaged members who have consistently contributed to the chapter’s activities; and most significantly, the sustained academic support they have provided over the years in the form of tutoring.

A Brief Overview of ECE’s IEEE-HKN Chapter

Established in 1920, the University of Minnesota’s IEEE student chapter is currently advised by  Prof. John Sartori. Functioning within IEEE, HKN provides a way for like minded IEEE members to get together to engage in and further the group’s goals, while complementing the other groups that are part of the IEEE.

Over the past several years, they have set up and participated in activities to attract new and undecided students to the electrical engineering and computer engineering majors, and build community among students in the department. As the honor society of IEEE, and focused on raising academic standards, tutoring is a key support service it offers students, and the group has been performing admirably in this area. They typically offer 150 hours of tutoring every semester. The number of students coming through the doors seeking support has steadily increased: over the 2015-2016 academic year, the group saw approximately 70 students come in per semester and that number more than doubled in spring 2017 at 163 students.

As the group considers their goals for the future, they are determined to expand the tutoring services they currently offer students in the department. And as a committed member of the University community, HKN is evaluating the possibility of extending their services and resources beyond the University to the Twin Cities community. The Outstanding Chapter Award while recognizing their work, has also strengthened their resolve to not only continue their recruitment efforts, but also intensify and expand their engagement efforts. We look forward to seeing the group move from strength to strength in the coming years.

Get acquainted with our IEEE-HKN chapter officers:

Damennick Henry – President, senior year, BEE degree

  • Plans to attend graduate school in his interest area of controls
  • On the University of Minnesota Rocket Team
  • Is a researcher in Prof. Jarvis Haupt’s group
  • Likes to play tennis and is an ardent Game of Thrones, and Rick and Morty fan

Jacob Romero – Treasurer and in his junior year pursuing a BEE degree

  • Interning with Consulting Engineers Group doing power systems analysis
  • Is a Marine Corps veteran
  • On the UMN Triathlon Club team
  • Sushi is life

Renee Herdtle – Secretary, and in her junior year pursuing a BCompE degree

  • Plans to pursue a master’s degree at the University in electrical engineering, and focus on embedded systems
  • Pursuing a co-op at Medtronic through December doing hardware verification software development
  • Is a lead on the UMN Solar Vehicle Project
  • A fan of three life-giving things: Game of Thrones, free food, and napping

Noah Mebane – Membership Coordinator, and in his senior year pursuing a BCompE degree

  • Plans to attend graduate school for VLSI design
  • Is a researcher in Prof. Chris Kim’s team
  • Intern at Seagate Technology with the firmware qualification team
  • Enjoys watching baseball, football, and hockey, playing hockey and tennis, gaming, and watching TV

Sruti Paladugu – Vice President, and is in her junior year pursuing a BEE degree

  • Intends to pursue graduate school in electrical engineering
  • Treasurer for ECE’s WIE (Women in Engineering) student group
  • Interned at Siemens Energy
  • Is a researcher in Prof. Sairaj Dhople’s team
  • Has been a teaching assistant for a discrete mathematics course for two semesters
  • A fan of Doctor Who (and who isn’t) and clearly excited about Jodie Whittaker!

Eric Konitzer – Systems Admin, and recently commenced his master’s degree in electrical engineering in ECE

  • Focused on controls, estimation, and embedded programming
  • Interned for three years with Rockwell Automation in field service and electrical hardware development
  • Involved with the University marching band and athletic bands