ECE Classroom Speaker & CSE Mentor Program

ECE Classroom Speaker
Every semester, ECE invites electrical and computer engineers working in industry into the classroom to talk about what it is like to be a real engineer. Students enjoy the perspective that only people working in the field can provide to the theory-laden world of the classroom. So if you are interested in sharing your excitement of being an electrical or computer engineer, and would enjoy drawing the connection between theory and application for our students, please contact Roopa Sukumaran-Berzins at 612-624-2285.

CSE Mentor Program
The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Mentor Program matches current science and engineering students with professionals in technical fields. These volunteer mentors help students prepare for their transition from the academic environment to the professional world. One of the largest mentor programs on campus, it matches students with professionals to help them build their professional network, hone interpersonal communication skills, learn how academic learning is applied in the workplace, and explore complementary career and professional options. You can find more information on the program at the CSE Mentor Program site.