ECE Alumnus Bodhisatwa Sadhu leads IBM Research Team to win the Lewis Winner Award at the 2017 ISSCC

ECE alumnus Bodhisatwa Sadhu (Ph.D. 2012), led the team from IBM Research to win the Lewis Winner Award for Outstanding Paper at the 2017 ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference). The winning paper is titled “A 28GHz 32-Element Phased-Array Transceiver IC with Concurrent Dual Polarized Beams and 1.4 Degree Beam-Steering Resolution for 5G Communications,” and is the outcome of collaborative research between IBM Research and Ericsson. Team members also include ECE’s Prof. Yahya Tousi.

The paper is the world’s first reported silicon-based 5G mmWave phased array antenna module operating at 28GHz. Silicon chips continue to be critical technology of choice for computation and communications, and are a ubiquitous presence in all cell phones and computers. 5G mmWave specifications for the next wave of cellular communications was released late last year, and are currently being demoed by carriers.

Bodhisatwa earned his doctorate under the guidance of Prof. Ramesh Harjani.

Additional details about the paper are available here.

Read an IBM interview with Bodhisatwa regarding the impact of 5G on wireless communications, and the benefits to consumers.

(Photo courtesy of IBM)