Anand Gopinath


Research Area: Biomedical and Biological Computational Methods, Devices, and System; Computer Engineering, VLSI, and Circuits; Fields, Photonics, and Magnetic Recording Technology; Micro and Nanostructures

6-129 Keller Hall

Area of Expertise:

MRI systems. RF/microwave applications.Analog RF/microwave circuits. RF/microwave devices, antennas, metamaterials, photonic systems and devices, integrated and nano optics, optoelectronics. Photonic bandgap structures


D.Eng., EE, 1978, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Ph.D., EE, 1965, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom


Fellow – IEEE (1990)
Fellow – OSA (2002)
Fellow – IET (London) (1982)


The research areas of my group are optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits; high-speed and RF/microwave circuits, and antennas; Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems. The optoelectronics research is in high-speed lasers, laser amplifiers, optical modulators, and modeling of optical waveguides, lasers and laser amplifiers. We are also working on inverse opals, a three dimensional photonic band structure.

The research in the RF/microwave area is on metamaterial and its use as lenses for antennas, and CMOS RF circuits.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging research is on high field systems for improving image quality and the design of new RF/B1 coils.


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