Congratulations to Winners of the Louise T. Dosdall Graduate Fellowship

Kriti Agarwal and Meghna Mankalale are recipients of the Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year. The Fellowship is awarded by the Graduate School to women graduate students in the natural or physical sciences and engineering, who hold superior academic records and show professional promise.

Meghna’s research focuses on the design and optimization of low-power and high-speed spintronic logic devices. She uses novel physics-based models to design and optimize spin-based devices, and propose novel circuit-level techniques to facilitate easy design of large spin-based integrated circuits. She has previously received the best presentation award at the C-SPIN workshop for her talk titled “Optimized standard cells for all-spin logic.” Meghna is advised by Prof. Sachin Sapatnekar.

Kriti’s research focuses on the properties of graphene. Graphene, widely known for its unique optical properties, is plagued by substrate losses from its two-dimensional structure. Her research seeks to introduce a nanoscale self-assembly technique to fabricate three dimensional incarnations of graphene such as graphene nanocubes, which show previously unrealized properties such as volumetric field enhancement and large area hotspots. She has previously received the best poster award at the MRS’ fall 2017 meeting in Boston. Kriti is advised by Prof. Jeong-Hyun Cho.