Three ECE Faculty Elevated as IEEE Fellows

Prof. Murti Salapaka NETWORK, CONTROL, AND SYSTEM THEORY At the theoretical level, Salapaka and his team of researchers have made significant contributions to several strands of theoretical research including, learning structure from measured data in networks with feedback, structured control, multiobjective control synthesis, and distributed computations over networked systems. Outcomes of their theoretical research have […]

Spotlight on Recipients of the Kevin and AJ KleinOsowski and Gary H. Glover Fellowships

Susmita Dey Manasi, Zamshed Chowdhury, and Omer Demirel are some of the recipients of the KleinOsowski, and Glover Fellowships. Here, we shine a spotlight on their research interests, the impact of their work, and how the fellowships have affected their University experience.  Susmita Dey Manasi (KleinOsowski 2017 – 2018) My name is Susmita Dey Manasi […]

Prof. Beth Stadler is Appointed Associate Head of Department

Prof. Beth Stadler has begun her tenure as Associate Department Head. In this position, she will oversee course scheduling, teaching assignments, the department’s summer session, and requests for equipment. She will also be the department’s research safety officer. Prof. Stadler will be carrying out these duties in addition to her own teaching and research as […]

Alumnus Michael Roman Appointed COO of 3M

Alumnus Michael Roman has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President of Maplewood, Minnesota-based multinational corporation, 3M. A 25-year veteran of the Minnesota-based company, Roman will report directly to the Chairman, President, and CEO Inge Thulin. The appointment was effective July 1, 2017. Roman earned his B.E.E. degree in the Department of Electrical and […]

ECE Alumnus is 2017 CSE Commencement Speaker

Grant Erickson, ECE alumnus, is the CSE Commencement speaker for 2017. He is a principal engineer at Nest Labs where he oversees the technical development of platform software designed to support Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, WiFi, and Weave. He played an active role in the formation of the Thread Group and Thread networking protocol, and […]