University of Minnesota to lead $1.7 million NSF grant to explore 2D heterostructures

Faculty from ECE and the University of Notre Dame have received a $1.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation to explore 2D heterostructures that demonstrate perfect light absorption, and giant piezoelectricity, using machine learning tools. The research team will be led by Prof. Tony Low, who will collaborate with ECE colleagues, professors Vladimir Cherkassky […]

Diqing Su, and Renata Saha are Winners at IEM Annual Retreat Poster Competition

Doctoral candidate Diqing Su, and doctoral student Renata Saha won best poster awards at the IEM (Institute for Engineering in Medicine) Annual Retreat.  Diqing’s poster is titled “Large-Scale, High-Resolution Brain Sensing and Stimulation with Flexible Magnetic Nanosensors and Nanostimulators,” and was showcased in the Neural category. The poster demonstrates the use of magnetic tunnel junctions […]

Recruitment for ECE Faculty Positions

Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities invites applications for faculty positions in Communications, Networking, and Data Science. The Communications, Networking, and Data Science position invites applications at all levels (assistant, associate, and full professor). The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is fully committed to a culturally and academically diverse faculty; […]

Alumnus Profile: Robert Eddy

ECE alumnus Robert Eddy has been a longstanding advocate of the University of Minnesota. His support spans multiple areas, including University athletics (he often travels with the teams to their games), marching band, the University’s medical school, and the College of Science and Engineering. His particularly keen interest in these areas stems from his enthusiasm […]

Tribute to Prof. Jack H. Judy

We are sad to announce that Prof. Jack H. Judy passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday, March 24, 2019 in the Haven Hospice center in Gainesville, Florida surrounded by his wife Bette and sons Jack and Michael. Dr. Judy made many significant contributions to understanding the fundamental limitations of thin film media and developing […]

Three ECE Faculty Elevated as IEEE Fellows

Prof. Murti Salapaka NETWORK, CONTROL, AND SYSTEM THEORY At the theoretical level, Salapaka and his team of researchers have made significant contributions to several strands of theoretical research including, learning structure from measured data in networks with feedback, structured control, multiobjective control synthesis, and distributed computations over networked systems. Outcomes of their theoretical research have […]

Spotlight on Recipients of the Kevin and AJ KleinOsowski and Gary H. Glover Fellowships

Susmita Dey Manasi, Zamshed Chowdhury, and Omer Demirel are some of the recipients of the KleinOsowski, and Glover Fellowships. Here, we shine a spotlight on their research interests, the impact of their work, and how the fellowships have affected their University experience.  Susmita Dey Manasi (KleinOsowski 2017 – 2018) My name is Susmita Dey Manasi […]