Mustafijur Rahman Receives Best in Session at Techcon 2015

Mustafijur Rahman received the Best in Session Award at Techcon 2015 for his paper “An Ultra-Low Power 2.3-2.5 GHz WBAN Receiver Frontend Employing Frequency Translated Mutual Noise Cancellation”. The paper was authored by Mustafijur and his advisor Prof. Ramesh Harjani. Techcon 2015 is conducted by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC).

Prof. Jarvis Haupt Receives Russell J. Penrose Award

Prof. Jarvis Haupt has been awarded the inaugural Russell J. Penrose Excellence in Teaching Award by the University of Minnesota. The award recognizes his genuine interest and excellent performance in teaching undergraduate and graduate students, and is based on strong student and peer evaluations, and quality of course materials.

Prof. Mehmet Akcakaya Receives NIH R00 Award

Prof. Mehmet Akcakaya received the NIH R00 award in September. This is part two of the two-part Pathway to Independence award (K99/R00), with the second part being awarded at the start of a tenure-track or equivalent faculty position. It is one of the most competitive NIH early career awards, and is designed to support outstanding […]

Prof. T. Georgiou in Scientific Reports

Prof. Tryphon Georgiou in a paper led and co-authored by Prof. Allen Tannenbaum and other researchers and faculty from Stony Brook University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, demonstrates that a certain geometric feature of protein networks can be used to identify cancer cells. The paper published in the Nature research journal Scientific Reports, addresses […]

Prof. Beth Stadler on Tour as Distinguished Lecturer

Prof. Beth Stadler is currently on her lecture tour as an IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer. As a Distinguished Lecturer, she has been traveling around the world delivering her talk titled “Magnetic Nanowires: Revolutionizing Hard Drives, Random Access Memory (RAM), and Cancer Treatment.” By the end of her lecture tour, Prof. Stadler will have talked […]

The 26th TMRC

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in conjunction with MINT (Center for Micromagnetics and Information Technologies) hosted the 26th TMRC (The Magnetic Recording Conference) over August 17-19. Sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society, the conference was focused on “Enhanced Future Recording Technologies for Hard Disk Drives Beyond 10 Tbyte Capacity”. William Cain, Vice President […]

IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted the 8th IEEE Magnetics Society summer school from June 14 to June 19. The summer school was led by Prof. Beth Stadler (chair), and Prof. Randall Victora (co-chair). The summer school is designed for graduate students who are members of the IEEE Magnetics Society and studying magnetism […]

Minnesota Nano Center Awarded $4.5 Million by NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the formation of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) network, and the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce that the Minnesota Nano Center has been selected to be one of the nodes in NNCI receiving an award of $4.5 million over five years. This follows an eleven […]

PhDs awarded

Doctoral degrees awarded from June 2014 to May 2015 Mohamed Khaled Ibrahim Almekkawy, Optimization of Focused Ultrasound and Image Based Modeling, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini Mahdi Bayat, Non-invasive In Vivo Ultrasound Temperature Estimation, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Emad Ebbini Nasim Yahyasoltani, Dynamic Learning and Resource Management under Uncertainties, June 2014. Advisor: Prof. Georgios […]