Peter Christenson Awarded Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship for 2021-2022

Peter Christenson has been awarded the 2021-2022 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship by the University of Minnesota Graduate School. Working under the guidance of Professor Sang-Hyun Oh whose own expertise lies in exploring the use of nanotechnology for biosensing, Christenson’s doctoral research is focused on the use of optics and plasmonics for the study of protein pathologies.  […]

Peter Christenson in lab

Yali Zhang Wins ARFTG Roger Pollard Student Fellowship in Microwave Measurement

Doctoral candidate Yali Zhang’s work on the study of copper (Cu) nanowires (NWs) for ultrathin via technology used in 3D integrated circuits (IC) was rated highly by the Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) review panel. Her proposal titled, “Characterization of Copper Nanowire for Millimeter Wave and Submillimeter Wave Applications” was awarded the ARFTG Roger […]

Photograph of ECE student Marie Wulff
Photo of Professor Jungwon Choi

Meghna Madhusudan, Susmita Dey Manasi, and Wen Zhou Receive Cadence Technology Awards

Doctoral students Meghna Madhusudan  (advisor Professor Ramesh Harjani), Susmita Dey Manasi (advisor Professor Sachin Sapatnekar), and Wen Zhou (advisor Professor Yahya Tousi) are recipients of Cadence’s Women in Technology scholarships for 2020-2021. These scholarships are awarded as part of Cadence’s mission to foster inclusion and diversity in technology programs and careers. MEGHNA’S RESEARCH Meghna’s research […]

Photo of alumnus Dr. Yingjie Lao

Prof. Keshab Parhi Named ACM Fellow

The Association for Computing Machinery has named Distinguished McKnight University Professor Keshab Parhi as one of its 2020 ACM Fellows for “contributions to architectures and design tools for signal processing and networking accelerators.” Professor Parhi is a leader in design techniques and tools that enable hardware accelerators for digital signal processing (DSP) and networking systems, […]

Photo of Professor Keshab Parhi
Photo of Professor Martina Cardone

Alumnus Tianyi Chen Receives IEEE SPS Best Dissertation Award

Alumnus Tianyi Chen is the inaugural recipient of IEEE Signal Processing Society’s (SPS) Best Dissertation Award. Chen, now a faculty member at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), earned his doctoral degree in 2019 under the supervision of Professor Georgios B. Giannakis. His dissertation is titled “Efficient Methods for Distributed Machine Learning and Resource Management in the […]

Photo of alumnus Dr. Tianyi Chen

ECE researchers report ultrastrong coupling of light and phonons within nanoscale coaxial cable

Opens up possibilities for developing new quantum-based devices A multi-institutional team of scientists led by ECE’s Professor Sang-Hyun Oh have reported vibrational ultrastrong coupling of light and matter within nanocavities at mid-infrared frequencies (MIR). The finding is particularly significant because it throws open a new frontier in cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED) that could enable quantum-based […]