C-SPIN’s Fourth Annual Review Ushers in Final Year

C-SPIN recently began its fifth and final year.

The Center’s fourth Annual Review marked the beginning of its final lap. As always, the Review brought together all the PIs (37 total), most of their graduate students and post-docs (67 total), and a dozen industry representatives.

The formal presentations from the PIs revealed just how far C-SPIN has pushed the frontiers of spintronics science in the past four years – and all the promising technology that can be developed in the remaining year. In particular, C-SPIN scientists plan on building and testing several new spintronic computing devices in Year 5, some of which may be taken up by industry for more development. The students and post-docs also presented over 50 posters, all of which were reviewed by at least one industry representative.

As in some previous years, C-SPIN included “deep dive” sessions in the Annual Review. These sessions brought students, PIs, and industry representatives together to share research and ideas for moving the field of spintronic computing forward. For the first time, however, C-SPIN held pre-Review “focus session” workshops to promote focused discussion about two important spintronics fields: non-STT spintronic approaches to memory and non-Boolean/non-Von Neumann computing. According to participants, these workshops generated important directions for current and future spintronics research.

C-SPIN will host a fifth Annual Review in September 2017. The Review will primarily be a celebration of the Center’s achievements since 2012, but will also serve as a launching pad for future spintronics research and development around the globe – some of which will, no doubt, include University of Minnesota researchers and facilities.