Anushree Ramanath Wins Best Poster Award at 2019 IEEE PECI

Doctoral candidate Anushree Ramanath has received the best poster award at the 2019 IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois. The poster is titled, “Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Cuk Converter with Integrated Magnetics for Residential Solar Applications.” Anushree’s poster was recognized among 166 entries from other institutions and industry entities.  

An ideal photovoltaic interface (such as a rooftop solar panel) has ripple-free terminal currents, and high step-up ratio.With multiple magnetic components sharing the same magnetic core, the Ćuk converter can operate as a DC transformer with ripple-free input and output currents. It is an ideal choice for applications such as residential solar panels because of its wide operating range. However, its use in such systems has lagged due to adaptability barriers such as design complexity and absence of a simple way to determine the integrated magnetics that will yield the zero-ripple currents. Anushree’s poster proposes a novel design of the Ćuk converter that is an efficient, reliable, and economical solution. She takes a descriptive approach and provides an analytical tool for determining the component values suitable for a range of applications for various Ćuk converter topologies. Subsequently, the resulting converter, based on Anushree’s  proposed design can be integrated with an inverter to produce a system equivalent to a micro-inverter.

Anushree is completing her doctoral research under the guidance of Oscar A. Schott Professor Ned Mohan (National Academy of Engineering) in power electronics and control systems. Her research interests span across power and renewable energy systems, embedded systems, and data science applications. In the photo above, Anushree is on the extreme right.

Anushree’s attendance at the conference was supported by an NSF Travel Grant that she was awarded based on an abstract of her research.