Alumnus Profile: Robert Eddy

ECE alumnus Robert Eddy has been a longstanding advocate of the University of Minnesota. His support spans multiple areas, including University athletics (he often travels with the teams to their games), marching band, the University’s medical school, and the College of Science and Engineering. His particularly keen interest in these areas stems from his enthusiasm for the Gopher teams (who are supported by the energy and spirit of our marching band), his passion for cardiology and the University’s work in the area of heart health, and his zeal for his home college, the College of Science and Engineering (CSE), and the department he graduated from, ECE. 

As an engineer, Bob understands the value of hands on training, and he is an engaged and consistent supporter of experiential learning in CSE. The Solar Vehicle Project (SVP) is a case in point. Viewing the team as a space where students can translate what they learn in class to practical reality, test ideas, and innovate, he has contributed generously with his time (as chair of the SVP advisory board since its creation in 2015) and financial support, pushing the team to success. With Bob infusing the team with the competitive spirit, they are the number one cruiser class solar car team in the United States. In recognition of his various contributions to the team, SVP has been proudly displaying his name on their cars. (He is also the keeper of one of the team’s older cars, the Borealis III, storing it for the team). Bob’s dedication to and belief in the value of experiential learning is also borne out by his endowment of a generous scholarship in the department that will prioritize students who are part of the SVP. Contributors like him play a vital role in promoting the success of our students by offsetting the financial burden of attending college, and giving them the freedom to explore and participate in co- and extra-curricular opportunities.

Bob’s sphere of activities extend beyond his specific philanthropic commitments. At the University level, Bob is closely engaged with the Office of the President and the Board of Regents; his commitment to the institution continues with the change in leadership from President Eric Kaler to President Joan Gabel.  He has spent considerable time at the state legislature advocating for the University, working on garnering support for its mission and goals. Bob Eddy can undoubtedly be counted among the University’s staunchest allies and advocates. 

Robert Eddy attended the University of Minnesota in the 1970s and received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He retired as the Chairman and President at Sherburne Tele Systems, 2009, at which time, the company was acquired by Iowa Telecommunications Services. Bob lives in Big Lake, MN.