The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers two undergraduate degree plans: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (B.E.E. degree), and Bachelor of Computer Engineering (B.Comp.E). Both degrees are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org
We hope you find your time in the program challenging and rewarding.

Have you recently been admitted to the EE or CompE major?

The Robert E. Rice ECE Student Services Center in 3-166 Keller Hall supports students in both majors as they journey through the undergraduate curriculum. Our advising team is led by Prof. James Leger (Director of Undergraduate Studies), and staff advisor Kimberly Scott. For information on our advising model, services, and student academic resources, check the ECE Undergrads Matrix.

Are you interested in the EE or CompE major?

Prospective students interested in our undergraduate degrees are encouraged to check the College of Science and Engineering web site or the  CSE transfer admissions page for more information. If you are a prospective international transfer student keen on pursuing a degree in our department we recommend that you review information on the CSE international transfer page. You are also encouraged to check the resources we have for you on our Prospective Undergraduate Students page.

Are you looking for opportunities for hands on experience?

ECE students enjoy the opportunity to actively engage in extra curricular activities through student groups, internships, co-op, study abroad, and voluntary and paid research opportunities, where they can apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and examine its real world impact. Student groups such as Tesla Works, Engineers Without Borders, Solar Vehicle Project, IEEE, IEEE Women in Engineering, and Innovative Engineers are just a few of the several avenues open to our students.

Another venue to engage in such activity is the ECE senior design project. All ECE students in their senior year are required to work in teams on a real world project or problem. The goal is to develop and hone their problem solving skills, help students learn the design process and troubleshooting, and develop communication and interpersonal skills. Students are responsible not only for developing a working prototype of a device, or an improvement on an existing one, but to also provide written and oral reports. Completed as a course (EE 4951W), the semester long experience for students culminates in the senior design show held at the end of the semester where students showcase their projects to an audience of other engineering students, faculty, industry experts, and lay individuals.

Are you looking for scholarships?

The Department has 16 endowed scholarships which annually award 50 to 60 students with a total amount of $140,000. These scholarships are accessible to upper division students in the department, and is in addition to scholarships that are awarded by the College of Science and Engineering, when students are admitted to the University.

Upper division ECE students can get more information about department scholarships, the application process, and deadlines by reaching out to Kimberly Scott, our academic advisor in 3-166 Keller Hall. You can also contact her via email: scot0052@umn.edu

If you are an incoming freshman or are a continuing student in CSE who is yet to be admitted to the electrical engineering or computer engineering major, you are eligible for several university wide and college wide scholarships. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities here.

Are you looking for details on our undergraduate curriculum?

The ECE Advising Matrix has details on the curricula for both majors, course lists, electives for the major, and electives from other departments approved for the EE and CompE majors. You can use the button below or click on this link.

Information on student enrollment and degrees awarded in the electrical engineering, and computer engineering majors is available here.