Graduate Students

Welcome to our Graduate Studies Program

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota. Graduate school can be  a very interesting and exciting time.

My advice to those admitted to the PhD program, and to those who currently are admitted to the MS program and interested in pursuing a PhD, is to get involved in research with a faculty member as soon as possible. I encourage you to talk to several faculty members and fellow graduate students working in your field of interest.

I also encourage you to take graduate classes from potential research advisers: this will help you identify a good choice. Two things must happen before you can advance in the PhD program: you must pass the written preliminary exam, and you must begin research with a research adviser.

Completion of your PhD thesis demonstrates your expertise in your chosen field, and shows your capability to perform state of the art research. The path to defining and creating this state of the art will be challenging but rewarding.

I expect you to read the ECE Graduate Student Handbook presented on this web site, to be familiar with the policies and procedures, and to meet with your adviser at least once a semester. If you have questions, please ask Linda Jagerson. Linda is most helpful, and can provide useful information and advice. I suggest that you stop by her office in 3-166D Keller Hall or call her at 612-625-3564. You also can email me at or see me during my office hours in 5-161 Keller Hall. I hope that your graduate education at the University of Minnesota is exciting, intellectually stimulating, and enjoyable.

Prof. Murti Salapaka