2019 Innovation Award for Prof. Jian-Ping Wang

In recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit and his outstanding ability to bring to life and commercialize innovative new technologies, Prof. Jian-Ping Wang (Robert Hartmann Chair in Electrical Engineering) has been awarded the 2019 Innovation Award for Entrepreneurial Researcher. The award celebrates his research on the magnetic spin of electrons, and exploration of its usage for next-generation computing technologies. His work has led to the setting up of two startups: Niron, and Zepto Life Technology.

Founded in 2014, Jian-Ping’s start up Niron Magnetics is engaged in the mass production of permanent magnets. Niron’s proprietary iron nitride magnets have greater magnetization and are the less expensive answer to rare-earth magnets, ready to revolutionize the design of electric motors and generators. The magnets are manufactured by a unique process said to be the first of its kind in the world.

Zepto Life Technology is engaged in pioneering work that supports early disease detection that can lead to better patient outcomes and reduce the burden of cost on the patient. The company is developing portable diagnostic devices as well as large scale diagnostic equipment, based on giant magnetoresistance technology and information technology, that are highly sensitive, low cost, and easy to use.

The Innovation Awards, hosted by the OVPR, are a celebration of the achievements of the University’s researchers and the breakthroughs that come about as a result of their efforts. There are four categories of the award: Early Innovator, Entrepreneurial Researcher, Impact, and Committee’s Choice. Read more about the award here

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